Welcome to

My aim with this site is to offer people a way to get to know more about me in an environment that really communicates who I am. Everything here should be easy for you to use and should provide you with the information you want without requiring a lot of digging. Hopefully though there is a real depth here that allows you to see past the headlines or twitter posts.

I have a blog here that I update somewhat regularly, I also have all the normal social networking accounts which you won't see here. I chose to make this site so that I could be seen wihtout people having to know the inside jokes and internet memes that so often crowd those outlets. While I participate in internet culture, it doesn't shape who I am.

Here you should be able to get a sense of the classical education that has formed me combined with the technological savy that has shaped a great deal of my social communication. This isn't a page cluttered with flashing logos and superfluous flash programs. I didin't want a lot of movement or glitz. Those things in my thinking detract from your experience. Instead everythign here should have a touch of style and wit, but be focused mainly on clean clear communication and design.